Return on investment up to 3 years Kyiv – Krakow -Warsaw


The sets of services. All in one time.

Fast Line Studio is a high-tech beauty business franchise of Ukrainian origin. 

What makes our business-model unique, is our simultaneous services called «Beauty-Sets». In 90 minutes, in one beauty chair you’ll be served by up to 4 specialists: a hairdresser, a nail-master for a manicure, another for a pedicure, and a brow master. As a result, our clients save time.  

Pakiety uslug
Pakiety uslug

Modern, gender neutral design

Fast Line PRO – is the beauty school

Beauty salon Fast Line
Beauty salon Fast Line
Beauty salon Fast Line
Beauty salon Fast Line
Beauty salon Fast Line
Салон красоты
Салон красоты
Салон красоты
Салон красоты
Салон красоты


Ольга Хайновська

Olga Khainovskaya

Well-known global beauty-business expert, 20 years in the industry, the author of professional books and articles

Марія Терехова

Mariya Terekhova

CEO of Fast Line Studio, 17-years experience in franchise business, co-owner of the successful Ukrainian travel franchise “Poehali s nami”

Аліна Топчева

Alina Topcheva

Deputy Manager

Franchising Department

Fast Line Studio 


Project Implementation:
3 months

Return on Investment:
2.5-3 years

Complete franchisee support

Our unique ERP-system «Fast Line»

The Lamp fee:

10 000 Euro

Minimum Personal Investment:

50 000 Euro





Support with hiring employees

Professional training

Сorporate approved studio design

Assistance with finding the right location for your beauty salon

Usage of  the trade mark «Fast Line Studio» 

Marketing support

Clear guide-lines for customer service and business processes 

Our start-up team

Personal Mentor

What needs to be purchased

Equipment: professional chairs for beauty-sets


Tools for beauty business

Business Signs 

Cosmetics and other items

The requirements for Fast Line Studio beauty salons’ locations

Non-residential premises in busy areas with heavy street traffic, near metro station, in dense residential areas or in new subdivisions

Electricity  – minimum 13 KW

Ventilation – for commercial use only, NOT for residential purposes

A façade which is able to hold a signboard like this

NOT a basement. If you have a semi-basement  you need to know that the sewage system can not be a sololift. A sewer pipe is ok.

Ceiling height – minimum 3 m

The shape of the room should have no  columns, be open space 

Size of ​​the premise: for two professional armchairs: 40-55 m2, for three: 65-75 m2

How do you run a beauty salon franchise?

A beauty salon franchise involves training the franchisee for a certain fee (the initial franchise fee, royalties).

How do you develop a beauty salon from scratch?

The franchise offers all the tools to start your own business. Franchisees can fully rely on the competence and experience of the franchisor. Our support is tailored to your specific needs and experience in the salon business.

How do you start a beauty salon?

A new studio from a well-known brand is what you are paying for. All marketing and management tools are provided by the franchisor, along with the necessary permits and regulatory documentation.

How do you promote a beauty salon?

It is enough to advertise on social networks about the opening of the beauty salon under our well-known brand. Thanks to the name of the franchisor, you do not need to invest in a large advertising campaign to get a steady flow of customers.

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